NEW: The “neo CLD” has arrived.

ECO News 30.08.2016

Aug 30, 2016 | News

Eco Physics launches the next generation of CLD analyzers, the “neo CLD”! It comes with the new Graphical User Interface “GUI”!

From January 2017, Eco Physics will be distributing the next generation in NO, NO2, NOx, Amines and NMP (N-Methylpyrrolidon) measurement: the brand new nCLD-series. Since the chemiluminiscense method remains the standard reference method for all Nitrogen-based detection technologies, Eco Physics has constantly developed and improved the wide range of application possibilities for NOx-detection in the last 25 years.

The portfolio includes analyzers, ranging from high sensitivity measurements at ppt-level, up to measurement ranges of 10’000ppm, covering applications in ambient air, emission, automotive, semicon and medical. The analyzers were characterized by the CLD60, CLD800 and CLD Supreme Line series. Now the portfolio has evolved to the next level, the “neo CLD”.

This new product family combines a successful tradition (nCLD60, nCLD800 and nCLD-SL series), with a new exterior and a new modular interior design, which simplify operation and maintenance at the same time. It features an improved connectivity, adding USB, Ethernet, WiFi, HDMI and Bluetooth to the standard signal in- and outputs (Analog I/O, RS-232, Digital I/O, RDC, VNC) and enables remote operation and control. These benefits come along with a security manager that hosts password protection as well as various user specific operation clearances. Directly on site, the neo CLD series can be connected to a laptop, touch pad, large screen or mobile phone. The measurement-, calibration- and set-up-data can be individually configured and transmitted via multiple connections to an external device, or can be stored in the internal data logger. The instrument itself is operated by a large 8”-touch-screen with HD-resolution, equipped with the new Graphical User Interface called “GUI”. It will enable an easy, intuitive and user friendly operation at outstanding performance.

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