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Installation of the CraNOx II analyzer for the measurement of Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) at Izaña Atmospheric Obervatory, Tenerife

On October 26th, 2020 installed by Instrumentation Analytica on the Izaña Atmospheric Observatory on Tenerife, ECO PHYSICS latest CraNOx II began operation. Its mission is to monitor Nitrogen Oxide concentrations in the atmosphere, since these compounds play a major...

High Temperature and High Concentration SCR of NO with NH₃ for the Oxyfuel Combustion Process: Fitting of Kinetics to Data from a Laboratory Reactor Experiment

Topics in Catalysis; pp 1–16 Selective catalytic reduction Kinetics; SCR; High concentration; High temperature; Fitting of experimental data; Oxyfuel process ECO PHYSICS CLD 700 RE ht This study shows the result of a simulation of a proposed kinetic reaction scheme of...

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