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ECO PHYSICS offers a broad range of nitrogen oxide analyzers for fast and precise nitrogen oxides monitoring in various fields of application.

Environmental, Ambient Air and Research

Target applications are ambient air monitoring, indoor measurement, clean room measurement and atmospheric research.


NOx detection is an innovative approach in CMP (Chemical Mechanical Polishing) process control.


Typical supported applications are industrial emission monitoring and gas manufacturing control.

Automotive, Aviation, and Combustive Engines

These applications are characterized by demanding sample gas conditions, such as in automotive, aviation, naval, or combustive engine emissions, as well as in catalyst production.


A range of computerized pulmonary diagnostic products ranging from neonatology to adult pulmonary function testing are distributed by our partner ECO MEDICS AG.


ECO PHYSICS produces the widest range of nitrogen oxide analyzers capable of measuring various parameters ranging form 1ppt (parts per trillion) up to 10’000 ppm (parts per million).


Within each series, the second digit in the model name defines the measurement range of your first channel. If you estimate your highest concentration to be below 5000 ppm, you will have the choice of full range of any figure between 5 and 5000 ppm, e.g. 33 ppm or 850 ppm. Please consider, instruments configured with smaller measurement ranges of course possess a higher resolution.

nCLD Economical Line

Cost-effective with a simplified setup

nCLD Modular Line

Equipped with the latest graphical user interface and multiple connectors for data transmission

nCLD Supreme Line

Sophisticated analyzer with automatic startup & measurement

nCLD Ambient Line

Next-generation in high precision ambient air and process monitoring

CLD 780 TR

Tailor-made solution for aircraft and vertical flux measurements

NO in Liquids

Nitrogenoxide measurement from liquid samples in research


Analyzers, air generators, converters, and purifiers



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