PLC 860

Photolytic NO2 Converter


  • Atmospheric research in remote areas
  • Permanent monitoring of clean room conditions
  • Plant physiological research


  • Selective NO2 measurement in the range of parts per trillion
  • Unique technology in a compact case for tabletop or rack mounting
  • Simple integration with different CLD NO-analyzers


320 nm – 400 nm

Sample and calibration flow rate

0.6 l/min


Photolytic NO2 Converter

The photolytic converter PLC 860 is capable of selectively converting NO2 concentrations of a few ppt. The PLC 860 is the right choice for NO2 measurements in areas with excellent air quality.

Photolysis Versus Catalysis
NO2 converters that perform the conversion of NO2 to NO by means of catalysis are well suited for measurement in areas with high concentrations of the respective molecules in the measured matrix. In areas with low concentrations, the conversion needs to be higher in selectivity, since inaccuracies of catalytic converters increase inversely proportional in relation to the concentration of NO2 in the measured gas. In background areas, such as rural sites, mountain tops, sea coasts or polar regions and clean room environments, the concentrations are typically within the range of application of the PLC 860. The photolytic reaction takes place in a specifically constructed reaction cell where the gas is exposed to light at a specific wavelength from a metal halide lamp, that causes the conversion of NO2 to NO with negligible interference of other gases.

Combination With the ECO PHYISCS Analyzers
The PLC 860 was specifically developed for combination with the range of high sensitivity ECO PHYSICS analyzers for optimum precision measurements. Both the control of the valves and the calculations are performed by the ECO PHYSICS analyzer.

Sample and calibration flow rate

0.6 l/min

Converter volume

270 ml

Light source

metal halide lamp (200 W)


320 nm – 400 nm

Power required

330 VA

Supply voltage

115/230V and 50/60 Hz

Signal output

temperature of photolytic chamber

Signal input

valve control for NO, NOX and calibration gas (from NO-analyzer)




height: 133 mm (5¼”)

width: 450 mm (19”), with molding: 495 mm

depth: 545 mm + connectors


17 kg





ECO PHYSICS reserves the right to change these specifications without notice.

Further information can be found in the Product Brochure

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