nCLD 88 p

Modular Gas Analyzer


  • Ambient monitoring in areas with excellent air quality
  • Supervision of production processes in the chemical and hi-tech industries
  • Permanent monitoring of clean room conditions in R&D labs
  • Biomedical and pharmaceutical research
  • Plant physiological research


  • Compact design without any additional space required
  • Photolytic converter for NO2 detection
  • Pre chamber to offset cross sensitivity
  • Four freely selectable measurement ranges
  • Operation and control via touchscreen


5 ppb – 5’000 ppb

Minimum Detectable Concentration

0.05 ppb


NO / NOx


Modular Gas Analyzer

The nCLD 88 p is the next generation in measuring smallest amounts of NO/NOx and NO2. Unique in speed and precision, the nCLD 88 p is modular designed and specifically built for combination with the PLC 860. It allows the measurement of concentrations in the range of parts per trillion and is expandable to asses additional nitrogen oxide based parameters. Its new and intuitive user interface “GUI“ also individually displays and connects to other instruments’ data.

When Decimals Are Decisive.
The nCLD 88 p fulfills the requirements of many research groups specializing in detection and monitoring smallest quantities of NO2 within less than thirty seconds response time and less than one second lag time. NO2 measurement is accomplished by a sequential detection of NO and NOx by means of the photolytic converter PLC 860. The pre chamber minimizes zero drift and cross sensitivity. This makes it ideally suited for areas with excellent air quality. The photolytic converter PLC 860 can be replaced by the optionally available molybdenum converter. Calibration and adjustment of the unit runs quick and automatic, ensuring unsurpassed precision and reliability.

User Friendliness with “GUI“
The new touch sensitive graphical user interface “GUI“ enables the user to individually adjust the instrument operation and data management according to his/her needs and applications. The bright 8” monitor gives a clear overview and allows numerical and graphical display of values. Multiple digital in- and outputs guarantee a maximal connectivity and flexibility for the remote operation, control and maintenance of the nCLD 88 p.

Compact, Modular and Intelligent!
The nCLD 88 p is manufactured in a new compact and modular layout, in which each essential component of the chemiluminescence analyzer hosts its own CPU and interacts with other CPUs by BUS-communication. This assembly increases accessibility and serviceability by reducing wiring and piping. The measurement principle conforms to the standard method for NOx-detection in ambient air (EN 14211).

Measuring ranges

four freely selectable ranges from 5 ppb – 5’000 ppb

Min. detectable concentration*

0.05 ppb

Noise at zero point (1σ) *

0.025 ppb

Lag time

<1 sec

Rise time (0-90%)

<30 sec

Temperature range 

5-40 °C

Humidity tolerance 

5-95% rel. h (non-condensing, ambient air and sample gas)

Sample flow rate

0.3 l/min per channel (1.2 l/min with pressure regulation)

Input pressure

ambient externally stabilized within ±3 mbar

Dry air use for O3 generator

internally generated (no external supply gas required)

Power required

400 VA (incl. membrane pump and ozone scrubber)

Supply voltage

100-230 V/50-60 Hz


USB(2x), HDMI, Bluetooth, RS232 (w/o 9pin connector), LAN, WLAN


height: 133 mm (5¼”)

width: 450 mm (17”), with molding: 495 mm

depth: 540 mm (21.2”)


24 kg (53 lb.)

Delivery includes

nCLD 88 p analyzer, power cable, FTDI-RS232-USB cable, USB-LAN adapter, manual


nCLD 88 p: Pre chamber and photolytic converter PLC 860


· molybdenum converter

· electro-mechanical pressure regulation

· USB-RS232 9pin connector

· analog output (external Box): 4-20 mA into 500 Ω max.; 0-10 V





*depending on filter setting

ECO PHYSICS reserves the right to change these specifications without notice.

Further information can be found in the Product Brochure

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