CLD 780 TR

Tropospheric Research Gas Analyzer


5 ppb – 500 ppb

Minimum Detectable Concentration

3 ppt


NO / NOx


Tropospheric Research Gas Analyzer

The NO analyzer for scientific research of the free troposphere. Specially designed to rapidly detect very low NO/NOx concentrations in the range of parts per trillion, the CLD 780 TR is a tailor-made solution for aircraft and vertical flux measurements.

Sensitivity 50 ppt in 3 sec. / 10 ppt in 60 sec.
Noise at zero (1σ) <25 ppt in 3 sec
Detection limit 3 ppt
Integration interval selectable: 0.1…999
Rise time (0-95%) <1 sec
Zero drift non (pre chamber)
Linearity deviation <1% full-scale
Interferences HC’s, NH3, NOY non
Operating specifications
Ranges 5, 10, 50, 100, 500 ppb
Outputs serial: RS232

analog :1V, 10V, at >500 kΩ

4-20 mA at <600 Ω

Temperature range 5-50°C
Humidity tolerance 5-95% rel. humidity
Gas flow sample: 3 l/min NPT

O2: 330 ml/min NPT

dry air : <50 ml/min NPT

Reaction chamber pressure 14 mbar
PMT cooling temp. <-15°C
Sample inlet temp. 60°C regulated
Operating voltage standard: 28 VDC ±1%

optional: 24 VDC ±1%

Power requirements 200 W max.
Delivery includes  
NO analyzer with all elec. cables, two silica-gel cartridges.
Delivery excludes
Vacuum pump, vacuum tubing and ozone destroyer
Physical characteristics
Dimensions (mm) casing: width: 440 / height: 225 / depth: 420 /

front:  width: 483 /  height: 264 / depth: 4

Weight (kg) 35
Material standard: aluminum

· optional: aerospace aluminum

Connections all connections situated on front panel

28 VDC

1x RS232

3x analog output

Connection for PLC

O2 inlet (1/4” Swagelok)

dry air inlet (1/4” Swagelok)

sample inlet (1/4” Swagelok)

vacuum outlet (DN 16 ISO KF)

  · inlet pressure regulation system (Bypass concept)
Increased sensitivity · 25 ppt in 3 sec.

· 5 ppt in 60 sec.

NO2 converter · PLC 860 (photolytic converter)
ECO PHYSICS reserves the right to change these specifications without notice.
Further information can be found in the Product Brochure

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