SupremeLine Trace Gas Analyzer


  • Background monitoring
  • Flux measurements
  • Long range transport
  • Tropospheric research
  • Certification and calibration


  • Four freely adaptable measurement ranges
  • Remote operation, control and maintenance
  • Pre chamber to offset cross sensitivity
  • Choice between several types and numbers of converters
  • Photolytic converter for NO2 detection


1 ppb – 1’000 ppb

Minimum Detectable Concentration

<0.025 ppb


NO, NO₂, NOₓ, O₃


SupremeLine Trace Gas Analyzer

With CraNOx II, ECO PHYSICS is launching the second generation of its high-end measurement solution in the ppb and ppt range. The new system is smaller and more sophisticated, as it now has the power to calculate the photostatic equilibrium by means of the integrated ozone analyzer. The CraNOx II system is capable of simultaneously measuring NO, NOX, NO2 and O3. Furthermore, it can be expanded to assess NOY and NH3 concentrations.

A Demanding Task for Mankind
The earth’s atmosphere protects life on earth. The challenge is to minimize the man-made influence and impact by emissions to avoid any damage to this protecting shell.

Nitrogen Oxides (NOₓ) and Particulate Matter (PM)
Nitrogen oxides are significant precursors of ozone and are formed in all combustion processes including engines, power plants or heating appliances. Ammonia (NH3), a reduced form of a nitrogen oxide, appears as ammonia salt, usually in tiny particles. The assessment of particulate matter and nitrogen oxides is therefore the challenge for instrument manufacturers.

Correct Analysis of NOₓ
Our abbreviation for the above title is CraNOx. The first system was launched in the early ’90s by ECO PHYSICS. CraNOx has been part of many research programs and delivered reliable and continuous data all over Europe, from Spitsbergen to Croatia as well as in the Asian Pacific. It consisted of two CLDs with highest resolution and big external pumps, a photolytic converter, an ozone instrument and a calibrator, all built into a rack of more than 1.8 meters in height. Now, ECO PHYSICS announces the next generation: the CraNOx II – all included – even the pump – in less than a quarter of the size.

The main requirement for the new CraNOx II system was a high-performing two channel CLD with pre chambers for compensation of the chemical zero. Timely, the newly developed platform of the SupremeLine offered the necessary sensitivity and speed. With its carefully designed housing of four height units and the integrated powerful pump it was the perfect housing for the further components of the CraNOx II system.

The system would not be complete without an appropriate control software, which handles and manages the different tasks. The software „CraNOx- Control is a Lab-View®-based Windows® application, that measures gases, presents data and performs calibrations.

Customer Friendly
The system starts automatically and quickly reaches measurement mode for continuous and unattended operation. The measured data is continuously stored and displayed on the high-resolution touch-screen. All control functions are easily accessible by means of the interface. Connections for mouse and keyboard as well as LAN and USB add the comfort of a PC. For an enlarged display use the video output for either an additional display or a digital projector. Just concentrate on the data validation and presentation – all other functions are taken over by your CraNOx II system.

NO/NOX detection by CLD:

Measuring ranges

four freely selectable ranges from 1 ppb – 1000 ppb

Min. detectable concentration*

<0.025 ppb

Noise at zero point (1σ)*

<0.01 ppb

NO2 conversion by photolytic converter:

Converter volume

270 ml

Light source

metal halide lamp (200 W)


automatic correction for photo dissociation rate and ambient ozone concentration

Ozone detection by UV photometer:

Measuring O3

1 ppb to 1’000 ppb


1 ppb


± 1 ppb


Principle of operation

mass flow controller

Accuracy (of set point)

± 1 % (flow and concentration)

Modes of operation

man. or automatic zero/span range selectable; converter efficiency check and compensation

General specifications:

Lag time

<3 s

Rise time (0-90 %)*

<1 s

Temperature range


Humidity tolerance

5-95 % rel. h (non-condensing, ambient air and sample gas)

Sample flow rate

2.7 l/min

Input pressure


Dry air flow rate

140 ml/min

Oxygen use for O3 generator

100 ml/min


USB(3x), HDMI, Bluetooth, RS232 (w/o 9pin connector), LAN, WLAN


8” color, touch screen

Data presentation

online values, graphs, tables

Data storage

> 1-year cont. operation measurement values, calibrations, states of operation

Export data format

ASCII (tables and online values)

Power required

1000 VA (incl. membrane pump and ozone scrubber)

Supply voltage

100–240 V / 50–60 Hz


height: 356 mm (14”) /

width: 450 mm (19”) with molding: 495 mm /

depth: 650 mm (25.6”)


75 kg

Delivery includes

CraNOx II system, power cable, FTDI-RS232-USB cable, USB-LAN adapter, HDMI adapter


CraNOx II: two channels, pre chambers, photolytic-converter, ozone analyzer, calibrator


· CON 765: NOY gold converter

· NOX-amines, NH3 assessment (requires an additional nCLD899 C)



*Depending on filter setting.

Connectivity properties are country-specific.

ECO PHYSICS reserves the right to change these specifications without notice.


Further information can be found in the Product Brochure

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